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14 1/2 Years Of Loyalty Comes To an End

Last Thursday I got "the call" that all employees dread - "you're no longer needed".  Our company went through yet another round of layoffs and this time my number was called.  I had survived so many of these over the 14 1/2 years of my career - with the same company (very rare, I know).  It caught me by complete surprise.  I was their number one "MOSS" man, they told me just days before.  Then came "the call".

I guess I've been very fortunate in my career.  I've only experienced two layoffs in 20 years.  I do not recommend it to anyone.  It kind of feels like being betrayed.  At one moment you're part of the family, then the next you're thrown to the curb and locked out of the home (networks).  It feels lonely.  For two hours after that phone call, I didn't call my wife.  I needed time to reflect of what just happened.  Working remote, I wasn't escorted out of the building or asked to embarrasingly carry my box of personals out of the building (thank God!).  However, I just sat there and reflected on what it all meant.

At the same time, I am not bitter.  In fact, for the most part, I am at peace with the outcome.  I know I'm going to be alright.  My family and I don't have any debt, we have an emergency fund and I do not need to make any rash decisions on the next step of my career.  I would love to keep my office and work for someone remote.  However, I know that might not work out.  I'm hoping to find a situation that I enjoy.  There's got to be a place for a guy with my experience.  If you know and / or looking for someone feel free to contact me.

I look forward to this new season of my career.  I believe there's a reason for everything and nothing gets by God that He doesn't approve (refer to Job in the Bible).  I'm not limiting myself to a specific technology or platform.  I am a problem-solver and troubleshooter.  I enjoy seeing my work make a difference in the workplace - a process more efficient, less paperwork to handle and / or simply lessening human workload.  I guess you could say I'm a computer geek at heart.

[update] I have edited this posting and removed previous interview-related ones in deference to those who construe them offensive.

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# re: 14 1/2 Years Of Loyalty - Then Betrayal


Wow, that totally stinks my friend. If you'd like, feel free to pop me your resume. I work for a firm that is looking for great SharePoint folks.

Keep your chin up!

4/13/2008 10:59 AM | Dan Usher

# re: 14 1/2 Years Of Loyalty - Then Betrayal

Tried to drop you a note on your contact page but it doesn't work.

I have several potential job opportunities that need someone w/ SharePoint development experience.

Let me know if you'd like to chat.
4/14/2008 11:07 PM | Paul Ferrill

# re: 14 1/2 Years Of Loyalty - Then Betrayal

Thanks Paul. I have fixed the email issue on the contact page.
4/15/2008 1:29 AM | Wayne Larimore

# re: 14 1/2 Years Of Loyalty - Then Betrayal

Wow. I had no idea. I'm really bummed about that. You taught me everything I know! ;) You'll find a job in no time. We'll be praying for you! Keep in touch man!

4/15/2008 11:11 AM | Casey

# Starting My New Gig

Starting My New Gig

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