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January 2008 Blog Posts

Backwards Google

Here's something backwards that my oldest son just showed me. Goto http://www.google.com Type in 'google' backwards; that would be elgoog. Click on the first item returned - elgoog. Everything google is backwards.  Even the search results. Hmmm... I wonder if it's backwards in Australia too?

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Have you lost your designer.vb file - lost your intellisense?

There is a fix when you've lost your designer.vb file(s).  I ran across this problem recently when copying some VS2008 code into a VS2005 Project.  I failed to copy the designer.vb files and was left with no intellisense available - a life stopper! Here's the fix.  Right click on your project file and choose 'Convert To Web Application'.  This will regenerate all those necessary designer files. Happy coding!

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