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The ill-Fated Apple III

  I remember the moment in time when my dad turned to me for approval in buying our Huge Leap in computing power.  It was an Apple III.  It was touted as the "Business" PC of its time.  I was only 12 or 13 years old and I'm sure my dad had his mind made up already of how to spend the large Tax Refund burning a hole in his hand.  But still, it was a great feeling knowing my dad confided in my opinion.  The Apple III was a Ferarri compared to our previous TRS-80 PC.  And it even had color, oh my!  My dad probably stretched VisiCalc on that baby to do more things than anyone would had envisioned.  Heck, he had it fully programmed to process anyones tax forms - the numerous uncles, aunts and friends could vouch for it.

  These memories came back to me upon reading an article on arstechnica recently, check it out...

The history of the Apple III

  It references the article by John Ward titled...

The ILL-Fated Apple III

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