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Are You an XML Virgin? InfoPath can break you in! Come Closer...

If you are known to answer (like moi), “Oh, I've read some code in MSDN magazine” or “I remember a presentation a few months ago” when asked if you know XML - this bit of advice is for you.  Don't even attempt to convince others you know if you haven't “been there, done that” with a bonafide project.  And let me tell ya, InfoPath is a great development platform to get experience.  Somewhere in that experience you'll have a light-bulb moment like Andy Stitzer (from The 40 Year Old Virgin) when he had his chest hair pulled out and yells, “Yooooooooow, Kelly Clarkson!” and then all will be good.  You'll know XML and you can strut down the cubical rows and talk the language.  aahhhh, SelectSingleNode this and XPath that.   Anyways, I digress greatly.  The reason for this posting is I have a good reference for you to prepare in, ah, accomplishing “doing the deed”

Move Up/Move Down

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