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Big Robot Fight

10/18/2017 12:04:00 AM

Big Robot Fights can be found at


Fun stuff!

DateTime Nullable ToShortDateString no extension or accepting first argument error

7/22/2013 3:25:43 PM

Have you received this error when dealing with nullable datetime data types?

'System.Nullable' does not contain a definition for 'ToShortDateString' and no extension method 'ToShortDateString' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Nullable' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Example or error usage: string _somedate = model.SearchBeginDate.ToShortDateString();

Solution: string _somedate = model.SearchBeginDate.Value.ToShortDateString();

JQuery 1.9 MVC Breaking Changes Solved

1/19/2013 4:42:53 PM

I recently updated jquery 1.8.3 to 1.9 and started receiving, "Object doesn't support property or method" errors. I found out, not surprisingly, there are numerous breaking changes. Reference --> http://jquery.com/upgrade-guide/1.9 ; many functions have been removed: live, toggle, etc. So naturally, the unobtrusive js files that come as part of the MVC 4 project template can not function. Here's the solution for this...

Step one: Via NuGet, pull in the jquery-migrate file

Step two:

Inside your BundleConfig.cs file modify to the following:

bundles.Add(new ScriptBundle("~/bundles/jquery").Include( "~/Scripts/jquery-{version}.js", "~/Scripts/jquery-migrate-{version}.js"));

This should solve your problem as did mine.

ASP.NET MVC with JQuery example

11/9/2011 2:27:02 AM

I recently started a new project and thought I'd give MVC3 a whirl since it requires only a pure web experience (as opposed to WPF and MVVM).  I came across a great post by Bob Cravens in which he does a great job demonstrating AJAX calls to ASP.NET MVC action methods using JQuery.

DotNetNuke Password Decrypting with Code

9/12/2011 5:18:10 AM

Recently, I had to decrypt a password that had been forgotten on a DotNetNuke 4.9.5 installation.  Thanks to this post I was able to whip out a quick and dirty web app that provides a clear text value of the encrypted passwords found in the database.
Step 1 - Add necessary web.config settings
Inside the system.web tag add the exact machinekey and membership tags found in the DotNetNuke web.config installation (copy and paste it).
<!-- BEGIN for dotnetnuke password decryption only-->
machineKeyvalidationKey="####################################" decryptionKey="###########################" decryption="3DES" validation="SHA1" />
membership defaultProvider="AspNetSqlMembershipProvider" userIsOnlineTimeWindow="15">
clear />
addname="AspNetSqlMembershipProvider" type="System.Web.Security.SqlMembershipProvider" connectionStringName="SiteSqlServer" enablePasswordRetrieval="true" enablePasswordReset="true" requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" minRequiredPasswordLength="7" minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters="0" requiresUniqueEmail="false" passwordFormat="Encrypted" applicationName="DotNetNuke" description="Stores and retrieves membership data from the local Microsoft SQL Server database" />
END for dotnetnuke password decryption only-->
Step 2 - Add necessary assembly settings
using System.Web.Security;
using System.Text;
Step 3 - Add Label to web form
DNN Clear Password<br />
<asp:LabelID="DNNPwdLabel" runat="server" />
Step 4 - Add necessary code methods
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
var passwordManager = new NetFourMembershipProvider();
var clearPwd = "admin="+passwordManager.GetClearTextPassword("ABCDiH5i5yrD8FTPMNSJLJS0+YHiHBv5sVf1/VMZYXW=");
clearPwd += "<br/>host=" + passwordManager.GetClearTextPassword("ABCD1u+u8jDMYLTNEeD4QUzu31vicO1F1fgDnd5ZYXW=");
clearPwd += "<br/>1hunglow=" + passwordManager.GetClearTextPassword("ABCDFqVv6ty++9ZFbcyYTSF5Wrtqa2IRNWSi8qDZYXW=");
public class NetFourMembershipProvider : SqlMembershipProvider
  public string GetClearTextPassword(string encryptedPwd)
    byte[] encodedPassword = Convert.FromBase64String(encryptedPwd);
    byte[] bytes = this.DecryptPassword(encodedPassword);
    if (bytes == null)
      return null;
    return Encoding.Unicode.GetString(bytes, 0x10, bytes.Length - 0x10);

Disconnecting from work with This Developers Life

7/11/2011 5:57:13 AM

I have started listening to a fantastic online podcast called "This Developer's Life".  If you are a developer or even in the Information Technology industry you'll find these audio shows very engaging.  It's a take-off from "This American Life" but with the developer lifestyle bent.

Check it out at the following url: http://thisdeveloperslife.com/


Move Cursor to Next Field When Pressing Hitting Enter Key

5/9/2011 2:35:27 AM

The built-in behavior of a .Net Form when pressing or hitting the Enter key is a postback.  I worked on a web application project about a year ago that required the Enter key behavior move to the next TextBox or field.  Basically, making the Enter key behave like a Tab key.

Here is how I accomplished this:

Introduce some javascript inside your ASPX file or js resource.

<script type="text/javascript">
  function document.onkeydown() {
    var e = document.activeElement;
    if ((e.tagName == "INPUT" && (
          e.type == "text" ||
          e.type == "password" ||
          e.type == "checkbox" ||
          e.type == "radio") ||
          e.tagName == "SELECT") &&
          window.event.keyCode == 13)  {
              window.event.keyCode = 9;


From there you can take it and customize it to your liking.  Hope this helps.

SharePoint 2010 References and Resources

3/22/2011 2:45:06 PM

This page started as my personal reference toward learning SharePoint.  It is evolving into a resource for others to learn as well.  It's purpose is to document places I have gained valuable information related to SharePoint setup, installation, development, debugging, performance enhancements and branding tips.  Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to add or find a broken link.



SharePoint 2010 Video Tutorials

SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog
SharePoint Designer Developer Portal

Installation for Developers

How to Setup the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 - MSDN
Building a SharePoint 2010 Virtual Machine - Critical Path Training
Building a SharePoint 2010 Development machine - SharePoint 2010 Development Wiki


Deploying a Solution Package





SQL Reporting Services

Excel and SharePoint

SharePoint Lists

Business Connectivity Services

Infrastructure - SharePoint Platform

SharePoint Training


SDK Resources

CSS Related Resources


Web Developer's Handbook - developing websites, exploring imagination
Open Source Templates - This is an online repository of free HTML site templates that you can browse, download and use.  The templates on the site are pure HTML (meaning you can use them with any server-side programming technology), and are built using clean CSS and XHTML markup
CSS Zen Garden - a demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.  Select any style sheet from the list and download the html file and css file.
HTML Dog - HTML & CSS Tutorials.  And Stuff.
Open Source Web Design - Design layout downloads
FreeCSStemplates.org - Free css templates

Silverlight / SharePoint Integration Resources

Other Resources

The Best SharePoint Training (hands-down) - Critical Path Training
The Next Best SharePoint Training (hands-down) - SharePoint Bootcamp


Invalid User Password after Restore SQL Database

3/5/2011 7:54:21 AM

Recently I restored a MS SQL database from one server to another and starting getting an 'invalid user or password' error message.  What happened was the database user became 'orphaned' on the target server.  Here's how to remedy this problem:

Within SQL Management Studio run this command...

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'UPDATE_ONE','svcUser', 'svcUser'

where svcUser is the name of the user account being used to communicate with the database.

Inserting Null Values For DateTime Sql Server Type

1/11/2011 5:04:32 PM

Here's how I return a null value for a sql data type of datetime:

newExpense.AMEXStatementDate = ConvertToDateTime(AMEXStatementDateTextBox.Text); 

private DateTime ConvertToDateTime(string value)
if (!value.Equals(string.Empty))
  return Convert.ToDateTime(value);
  return (DateTime)System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlDateTime.Null;

SSIS Package DTS Property Key not valid error

1/6/2011 2:44:10 AM

I recently built a SSIS package that included a web task and script task.  The web task called a remote web service to pull in needed data.  The script task wrote text files based on the data.  All worked great on my development environment.  However, once deployed it started throwing this error:

Code: 0xC0016016     Source:       Description: Failed to decrypt protected XML node "DTS:Property" with error 0x8009000B "Key not valid for use in specified state.". You may not be authorized to access this information. This error occurs when there is a cryptographic error. Verify that the correct key is available.  End Error

Thanks to this blog entry I found the solution.  You basically need to set the Package Level Security to DontSaveSensitive.  To accomplish this, right-click on the Package and choose properies.  Inside the Security section you'll find the ProtectionLevel attribute.  Set it to DontSaveSensitive.

2010 Choctaw Yellow Jackets 3rd Grade Football

10/2/2010 2:53:40 PM

My son, Matthew, wanted to play football this year.  He's in 3rd grade and I'm surprised at how much it's changed since I played.  Artificial turf, spread offense, consistent rotations and disciplined approach.  We are pleasantly surprised how open they are to homeschooled children playing.  Who knows, Matt could be another Tim Tebow :o)


IMG_5051 IMG_4928 IMG_4927

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user

7/9/2010 6:04:51 AM

Have you ever received this error message and scratched your head?

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again

Since I run multiple virtual environments with the same logon credentials it used to happen to me all the time. 

The solution is to use the IP Address or the full domain as demonstrated here:

Instead of \\SERVER1\Websites

Try this \\SERVER1.net\Websites OR \\\Websites

Works like a charm.

SharePoint 2010 Development on Windows 7 Vista Server 2008

7/8/2010 2:33:11 AM

Microsoft has posted a step-by-step instruction guide on how to create a SharePoint 2010 development environment on Windows 7, Windows Vista and/or Windows Server 2008.  It's alot easier than SharePoint 2007.

Here's the link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee554869.aspx


"The unattend answer file contains an invalid product key" VMWare Windows Server 2008 Install

5/27/2010 1:43:37 AM

I was prepping a virtual environment within VMWare Workstation 6.5 (EZInstall approach) for Microsoft SharePoint 2010.  I encountered the following challenge when booting from a Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 ISO:

"The unattend answer file contains an invalid product key..."

To get rid of this show-stopper I simply disabled the floppy drive connection it had created.  It worked like a charm.

Convert VMDK to VHD

5/25/2010 10:18:32 AM

I have been moving everything over to Windows 7 64 bit recently.  As such I have been playing around with its new built-in Virtualization.  I have used VM Workstation for several years now.  Since Win 7 only works with VHD files, the question arises - "How do I convert them?"  Googling for a solution didn't turn up anything promising - third party tools that cost or server solutions that I didn't want to invest the time in.

Enter SysInternals Disk2vhd 

The thought occured to me - I could run this lightweight tool from inside the vmware workstation environment and have it write the vhd file to mapped hosted share area.  Bingo,  it worked!

I may add some screenshots of the process if you are interested.  Leave comments and I may if there's enough interest.

[update 5/27/2010]

I believe I posted too soon on this.  Although it seems to converted the VMWare Workstation 6.5 Windows XP Pro environment; when I boot it up it freezes during the middle of startup.  I tried changing the network adapter settings to NAT and none - still freezes.  Anyone experience this and have a recommendation?

Jerry Wells Testimony

4/8/2010 5:48:05 AM

The Testimony of Jerry Wells, my pastor
My name is Jerry Wells. My parents were Wilbur and Opal Wells. I was born in December, 1954. I grew up in Oklahoma City. My Mom Opal died just before my 4th birthday. My Dad Wilbur was devastated by her death as was our whole family. He turned to alcohol to escape his pain. For the next 14 years of my life, I lived with an alcoholic.
Wilbur was a bad drunk. To his credit he maintained his job and only drank after work and on weekends. He attended clubs where he met various women and slept with them. I was five the first time I saw my Dad sleeping with another woman in our house. 
Dad met a good woman at work and married her when I was six. But he did not stop drinking. His substance abuse eventually drove her away. One night he got mad at her, stripped her naked, and through her out in the front yard. 
She made an excuse to leave. She said she was going to visit some relatives. She never came back. I never saw her again. Dad was served divorced papers by the courts and a restraining order. He had a nervous break down and checked into the mental ward of a local hospital. I was 8 years old.
By this time, my older brother Jim had been married for several years and my sister Sandy was a senior in high school ready to leave for college. By the fall of 1963, it was just Dad and me. 
Dad rented a room from two ladies and we moved in with them. We lived there for about six months. We then moved into a one bedroom rent house that Dad owned in one of the poorest areas of Oklahoma City.
Dad met a woman at a club when I was 9 and married her. We moved into a nice home in Del City, Ok. But he did not stop drinking. She could not take the abuse. She and her teen age daughter moved out when I was 12.
My older sister and brother decided that I had been through enough. They took me from Dad. Dad begged them to change their minds. He told them I was his life. He promised to change. He did for two weeks. But one evening he started drinking. He locked me out of the house and made me set outside for hours. When he let me in he was in a drunken stupor. He told me that I was wrong for leaving him. He threatened me and told me to never leave him again. 
Dad then started drinking even more. He would disappear on Friday nights and not come home until Sunday. He would normally call me from some girl friends house. To his credit he always made sure that I had money. He bought me a motor cycle when I was 15 so I would have my own transportation.
When I was 15, Dad married another woman that he met at a club and she moved in with us. It lasted six months. She divorced Dad and moved back to her home town. One night Dad got drunk and drove to see her. She called the police and they arrested him because he tried to break into her house. He called me with his one phone call from the local jail. I did not have a driver’s license but I drove a couple of hours and got him out of jail. I then drove him back to Del City. Dad had the shakes all the way home.
Then Dad’s driver’s license got suspended for drinking and driving. He was afraid to drive without a driver’s license so he made me drive even though I did not have a license. 
By the time I was 15, I hated Dad. I had no respect for him as a man or as my father. I told him I was leaving one day when he was drunk. He tackled me in the living room and threatened me again.
Why didn’t I leave? I did not think I had anywhere to go. I didn’t think any of my friends parents knew about my Dad’s problem. My family did not talk with me about it anymore. Everyone has their own problems.
We went to church occasionally. Dad always wanted to be a member of a church and he always tithed as far as I know. But I was bitter at Wilbur and at God. I could not see any use for either one of them in my life. To express my anger at God, I would go to the cemetery where my Mom was buried and literally shake my fist at God. 
Amazingly, I was good young man by the world’s standards. I was a very responsible student. I treated adults and peers with respect. I respected the law. I did not get in serious trouble. I did not drink. I was not promiscuous. I did not see a need for God in my life. I had the attitude that I did not need anyone and that I could succeed without God’s help or anyone else’s.   
When I was 16, I met a young lady. We saw each other for more than a year. I cared a great deal for her and I also cared a great deal about her parents. But as time passed, I did not show her or her parents the respect they deserved. I was deceptive. I was not a good leader. I did not keep my word. I hurt her enough until she finally rejected me. She told me what an evil person I was. From that day forward, she would not have anything to do with me. 
This hurt so much because I cared so much for her. I had hurt my Dad. But I had never hurt anyone that I really cared for. It was this experience that caused me to take an honest look at myself.
What I saw was not very pretty. Over time, I saw that I was selfish. I also saw I was proud. I saw I was deceitful. I saw how bitter I was at my Dad and at God. I saw that if I did not change I was going to hurt people just like Dad hurt me and so many others. I could see we both deserved to go to hell.    
This scared me. I could see where I was headed and what kind of life I was going to experience if I did not change. I wanted to change but I did not know how. I also felt that I was powerless to change, especially my selfish motives. 
This led me to start a spiritual journey. I started reading the bible. I started attending church more often and listening closer to sermons from the bible. It started making sense. 
I was sinner. I was dead in my transgressions and sins. I was separated from God. I was powerless to change my heart, who I was, or who I would become.
God’s son Jesus was God. He loved me. He wanted to have an eternal relationship with me. He wanted to save me from my sin. 
For that to occur, because God is just, Jesus had to suffer for my sin. He had to pay the debt I owed because of my sin and the sin of my forefathers. His death on the cross proved that He loved me and paid that debt in full. His resurrection was proof that He was God and that the debt was paid.
If I would accept that payment by faith in Jesus, I would be reconciled to God forever. He would change me. He would give me a genuine His love for others that was free from selfishness. He would live within me through His Spirit and give me power over sin.
It was a struggle to believe that God loved me. The circumstances of my life worked against this truth. By the time I graduated the sixth grade, we had moved six times and I had attended six different grades schools.   I had witnessed things that my Dad did to me and others that no child should have to experience. How could God love me like the bible says and allow me to suffer so much? Why didn’t I have a good stable family with two parents that loved me? Why did God let my mother get sick and die when I was so young? 
This struggle with faith lasted for six months, but God was faithful. Finally, on New Years Eve, 1971, just before midnight, I believed. The Lord spoke to my heart when I asked him why I had suffered so much. He said, “It was what I personally needed to see my need for Him.” 
It was true. I was so proud of what I had achieved in spite of the circumstances in my family. I was self righteous.
My family suffered because of sin. But God let me be a part of it and then fail so that I would see my need for Him and His righteousness in my life.   
I believed that night just before midnight and shortly thereafter I was baptized as a testimony to my faith in Jesus Christ.
Looking back, there have been so many blessings that are too numerous too recount.   My life changed. My Dad died of lung cancer in the fall of 1977 when I was 22. He was 66. But before he died, we were reconciled. Jesus changed my heart toward my Dad so that I loved him and forgave him and did not hate him anymore. The last five years of his life we were able to talk openly about things for the first time. 
Just six months before my Dad died, on August 12, 1977, I married a wonderful Godly Christian woman named Debbie Mills. We have six sons and two daughters. Jesus gave us His heart of love for one another. My relationship to Debbie and our ministry together gave me happiness that I did not know two people could share on this side of heaven.     
But after more than 29 years of marriage Debbie died. She was 53. She was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2006. On May 3, 2007, Debbie left us for heaven. 
Following Debbie’s death, I understood for the first time what my Dad felt when my Mom died. I struggled all over again with having faith in God’s love for me. But Jesus kept one of His promises. He says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” After Debbie’s death, Jesus kept assuring me of His love for me and my children. He hung on to me when I had no strength or little faith to hang on to Him. 
My faith has grown deeper as a result of our loss. When I think that I cannot depend upon Jesus more, I discover a whole new dimension of trust that always changes me and sets me free. 
I am not an alcoholic. Through the same circumstance in my life and my Dad’s life, Jesus has proved what a difference He can make if you know Him and trust Him.    
My life verse is Psalms 40:1-3. It says… 
I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
2 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.
3 And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.
Jesus can and will do for you what He has done for me. You will not be able to avoid all the horrible pits in your future. Life is so hard. But with each new trial your faith in Jesus Christ can grow as you learn to depend upon Him more. If you can find your way to the Rock, He will give you a new song.  He will then use you to cause others to trust in Him.   
To receive Jesus Christ as your savior from sin like I did, the scripture says…
  • You need to understand that you are a sinner separated from God and you are powerless to change your nature.
  • You need to understand that God’s penalty for sin is death and separation from God in a place of eternal torment the bible calls hell.
  • You need to understand that Jesus is God and that He died for your sins on a cross to pay your sin debt.
  • You need to understand that Jesus rose from the dead and that He is Lord of heaven and earth.
  • You need to put your faith in Jesus Christ to save you from sin and be willing to give testimony to your faith by following the Lord’s command to be baptized in water. 
(Jerry Wells is currently the Pastor at Western Hills Church in Oklahoma City.  Western Hills Church is located at 401 S.W. 44th in Oklahoma City. You can reach the church and Pastor Jerry by phone by calling 405-634-1454. Pastor Jerry is now married to Saundra Wells. They married in November of 2008. Saundra’s husband John Cobbs died in January of 2007. Pastor Jerry and Saundra have twelve children from their previous marriages to Debbie and John.)
You can find Jerry's blog postings during Debbie's treatment of cancer here --> http://debbieshealthupdate.blogspot.com

How to get Eval ItemTemplate value from TemplateField

4/6/2010 4:07:38 AM

If you want to retrieve a value produced by an Eval within an TemplateField within an ItemTemplate, this is how...

Here's the code:

string _id = ((DataBoundLiteralControl)GridView1.Cells[0].Controls[0]).Text; 


Here's the Design View:

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" DataSourceID="sdsDataSource" DataKeyNames="ID">
    <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="ID">
      <ItemTemplate> <%#Eval("ID") %></ItemTemplate>

Oklahoma City SharePoint User Group Opportunities

3/9/2010 5:39:42 AM

We have two events happening in March that you should be aware of if you are in the Oklahoma City metro area.  It will be great time to share what you are doing with SharePoint and struggles you are having.  Perhaps there will be someone in attendance that can provide an answer to your problem.

When: March 11th, 2010 11:30am - 1:00pm (please rsvp, see below)


Dell Oklahoma City office 
3501 SW 15th 
Bldg A, Hudson Hall on 1st Floor 
Oklahoma City, OK 73108


Eric Shupps, The SharePoint Cowboy will be our guest speaker for this first meeting of the Oklahoma City SharePoint User Group.


Overview of SharePoint 2010 and talk further about features in SharePoint 2010 of interest to the IT Pro and the developer.

Please RSVP to: balcock [at] ou.edu or call (405) 325-7307

When: March 29, 2010 6pm - 8pm

Where: http://okccoco.com/


Corey Roth is a consultant at Stonebridge specializing in SharePoint solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry. He has ten plus years of experience delivering solutions in the energy, travel, advertising and consumer electronics verticals. Corey has always focused on rapid adoption of new Microsoft technologies including Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, LINQ, and SilverLight. He also contributed greatly to the beta phases of Visual Studio 2005. For his contributions, he was awarded the Microsoft Award for Customer Excellence (ACE). Corey is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. Corey is a member of the .NET Mafia (www.dotnetmafia).


Introduction to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search

This intro level talk will teach you the basics of Enterprise Search in SharePoint. Here you will learn about the basic building blocks such as content sources, crawled properties, managed properties, and scopes.  We will also cover what types of data can be indexed.  We’ll use demo search using SharePoint 2010, but all of the topics apply to MOSS 2007 as well.

 Hope to see you there :o)

SharePoint 2010 Office 2010 official launch dates announced

3/8/2010 3:01:37 AM

The Microsoft SharePoint Team blog has officially posted the release dates for SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010.

RTM (Release to Manufacturing) will be this April 2010

May 12th, 2010, is the launch date for SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010

SharePoint 2010 Service Application Architecture Planning

3/3/2010 2:14:24 AM

Matt Passannante has recently posted an excellent article on SharePoint's new Service Application Architecture.  He reviews the history of where we've been and provides the look into the future of "Componentization" - the approach Microsoft has taken with the Service Application Architecture.  Microsoft has numerous built-in services ready for use as well.  I highly recommend reading this great article.  It will clarify alot of questions you may have concerning this huge complex powerful new platform within SharePoint...


Oklahoma City OKC SharePoint Users Group - Launch

2/17/2010 3:49:40 AM

Wendy Schopf has initiated the startup of our very own SharePoint Users Group here in Oklahoma City.  Here's her announcment of the first meeting:

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Oklahoma City SharePoint Users Group (OKCSUG). OKCSUG is an open and independent forum that has set its sights on building community.

OKCSUG’s vision is to bring Oklahoma City and surrounding SharePoint communities together through knowledge sharing and networking. Now moving the group full speed ahead, OKCSUG founder Wendy Schopf will speak to new members at the first meeting at 6pm on Monday the 22nd of February at the OkcCoCo. There will be networking, discussions, and planning to blaze the OKCSUG trail for 2010! Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Accelebrate has jumped onboard to show their support through sponsorship and will offer give-aways throughout the year. We are currently seeking additional sponsors, speakers, and topics. Come to the OKCSUG meetings or contact OKCSUG to find out more about sponsorship or speaking opportunities or to participate in steering the group through 2010.

Register on OKCSUG Website to receive email updates of all our future meetings and events. If you know of other people that might be interested in this group please feel free to forward this email.

When: February 22nd, 2010 6:00pm-8:00pm
Where: OKCCoCo

SharePoint Designer Restore fails with "Could not find the file" Exportsettings.xml

12/29/2009 6:02:33 PM

I recently attempted to move a subsite from one location to another on our SharePoint 2007 platform.  I received an error upon restoring.  The backup seemed to successfully complete, but the restore kept failing with Could not find the file C:\Windows\Temp\[someguid]\Exportsettings.xml.

I found out this happens when the content size exceeds 25MB and it fails to include the mentioned file - Exportsettings.xml.  I found a workaround solution at this particular blog.

Here's the jest of what needs to happen:

  • Recover leftover files from the original backup site location (via Recycle Bin)
  • Select all recovered files (locate at the root of the site now) within SharePoint Designer and Publish them to a local location via File System.
  • Change the extension name of all files from *.cmp to *.cab
  • Unzip the *.cab files into a temporary subfolder
  • Use the Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit's cabarc executable to create one file with all files into a seperate subfolder.
    • e.g. cabarc n test-restore.cab C:\testdir\*.*
  • Rename the new files extension from .cab to .cmp
  • Use this file to restore the site

 [addendum] - I was getting the message “Web site restore did not complete successfully”.  My file was around 380MB in size.  To get around this issue, I increased the maximum file upload size in the Central Administration.  It's located in the following location: Central Administration --> Application Management --> Web Application General Settings --> Maximum Upload Size.  It was set to 50MB and I increased it to 400MB temporarily to accomplish this backup / restore request.

Save $10 Without SnagIT Promotional Code

12/28/2009 5:02:37 PM

That's right.  There's no need to even use a Promotional Code for SnagIT now.  I know of at least two alternatives that most folks don't even know about!  It's so off-the-radar I would consider them secretive.  You probably have read my previous postings concerning promotional codes and discounts here, here and here.

Do you really want to know what I found out?

Click here then ==> Tell me about the Free alternatives and the $19.95 one!!!

Convert VMWare and Hyper V files Free

12/10/2009 4:11:21 AM

I found a free tool that will convert Hyper-V (VHD) files to VMWare (VMDK) and vice-versa.

Here's the link: V2V Converter - Free

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